No Show Cadillac

The Melodic Ramblin's of a Shithouse Rat

Recorded April 23rd-25th & May 20th in Louisville, KY & Milwaukee, WI

Available July 1st, 2019

The Melodic Ramblin's of a Shithouse Rat 


Track List

1. Wake Up, Gotta Move

2. Killin' Time

3. Song for Molly

4. The Lonely Incinerator

5. The World's Fixin' to Die

6. The Chickens & the Tramp

7. North Dakota

8. Life as a Shithouse Rat

9. Hope You Found Your Horse

10. Wheel's Go "Round

11. You Ain't Got Yours, I Ain't Got Mine

12. What God's Done for Me

13. Volatile Fool

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