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No Show Cadillac


No Show Cadillac, otherwise known as Connor Scaro, is a ramblin' musician from Milwaukee who dropped out of college and started tramping around the country. No Show embodies the spirit of a rambler with his self professed "dirty folk" sound, which he describes as "everything but country," for "no real reason." Currently touring through the Midwest, he captures crowds large and small with his unique blend of Folk, Blues, and Americana at gigs ranging from private events to festivals.


Connor Scaro - Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter

Carson Spector - Washboard/Percussion

Eddie Greene - Harmonica/Mandolin


New Album: The Melodic Ramblin's of a Shithouse Rat

Released June 28th, 2019, the album is simply the ramblin' rambles about ramblin' around. 

Find the album on any online music streaming platform, with hard-copies coming as soon as we can get our lives figured out.



Midwest Tour

Three of the No Show Cadillac members; Connor Scaro(No Show), Carson Spector(Skunk), and Eddie Greene(Stain) will be playing a variety of different venues on a tour of the Midwest from Louisville, KY to Duluth, MN. From the desert, over the mountains, through the fields, and over the great Mississippi River they go, looking to spread Dirty Folk music to the lovely folks of the Midwest. 

Along with the tour, they will be recording the first full-length album; The Melodic Rambings of a Shithouse Rat, which will be released in early June, 2019. 

No Show Cadillac Self-Titled EP:

No Show Cadillac made his online musical debut when he released a self titled EP on Nov.2 2018. This live tracked album was recorded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Erik Atwell in minimal time during a short whirlwind of a visit after a long drive from Moab, UT. During the brief trip, fellow part-time band mate Carson Spector recorded a separate drum track, which will be released separately. In his own words about the recording process, No Show commented, "Well, we didn't have much time, but, with the help of some 50/50 cold brew-whiskey's, Carson, Erik, and I got 5 songs tracked in 4 hours and it was a damn good time."